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Ocean, Life and Development

The ocean covers more than 70% of the earth and produces about 50% of its oxygen. There is a close connection between the ocean, human life, and livelihood. Ocean ecosystems are natural climate regulators. The ocean hosts a large portion of life and biodiversity on Earth and is the main source of food for more than a billion people worldwide. In addition, more than three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. Climate change is changing the ocean. This phenomenon causes a decrease in water quality and leads to a direct decrease in biomass and biodiversity in the ocean. Statistics show we have harvested or damaged more from the ocean than can be renewed. To save the ocean and everything in it, we need to create a new balance that is rooted in a true understanding of the ocean and how humans relate to it. We need to create an inclusive, innovative, and lessons-learned relationship with the ocean. Iranian National Institute of Oceanography and Atmospheric Science is trying to explore, exploit and protect ocean basins by investigating and conducting research activities in the fields of oceanic-atmospheric science and engineering and providing general and specialized training. Join us in this great effort.

Persian Gulf Explorer

The Persian Gulf Explorer (Kavoshgar-e-Khalij-e-Fars) is the first Iranian ocean-going probe that is responsible for carrying out research projects centered on the Persian Gulf, the Oman Sea and the northern Indian Ocean. The development of this marine probe has been completed at the Shahid Darvishi Shipbuilding Industries of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support. The Persian Gulf probe has the capacity to accommodate 27 people, 11 of whom are crew and 16 are researchers. This probe has 2 engines of 1,000 kilowatts and has 4 laboratories, in which research is carried out in 3 laboratories, including dry and wet laboratories, and the fourth laboratory analyzes the conducted research.

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