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Ocean Engineering and Technology Research Center was established in 2010 with the aim of developing ocean engineering and technology regarding its importance for advancing marine activities of the country.

Enjoying 5800 km of costal line and being adjacent to the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman, Iran is a rich country in marine resources. Therefore, researches in different fields of oceanography such as marine meteorology, marine hydrodynamics, GIS, coastal oceanography, coastal and off-shore engineering and other marine technologies are essential for the country.

Ocean Engineering and Technology Research Center is active in carrying out the researches on:

·        Modeling, hind casting and forecasting wind waves 

·        Studying and modeling the process of wave propagation from deep water to shallow water

·        Tsunami Modeling

·        Water level changes

·        Wave- structure interaction

·        Current-structure interaction

·        Estuary hydrodynamic modeling

·        Current pattern modeling in the sea and coastal areas

·        Coastal zone management

·        Coastal protection methods

·        Sediment transport process modeling in Iranian coasts and ports

·        Offshore engineering

·        Floating structure engineering

·        Pollution transport and oil slick movement modeling

·        Marine structures corrosion studies

·        Pipeline erosion

·        VIV of pipelines and risers

·        Measurements of marine waves and currents parameters

·        Examination of standards and regulations

·        Studying new methods in ocean engineering and technology