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INIOAS Director

Dr. Morteza Tavakoli

From 16 Feb 2022

Deputy of Research and Education

Dr. Ali Mehdinia

PhD in Chemistry
Deputy of Technology

Dr. Seyyed Masoud Mahmoudof

PhD in Marine Structure  
Deputy of Financial and Resource Development

Mohammad Kazem Habibian

Director of Ocean Science Research Center

 Dr. Abolfazl Saleh

PhD in Chemistry
Director of Ocean Technology and Engineering  Research Center
Dr. Mohamad Hossein Kazemi Nezhad     
PhD in Water Engineering
Director of Atmospheric Science Research Center

Dr. Masoud Moradi

PhD in Geology and Remote Sensing



Director of Bandar Abbas Research Station

Dr. Samad Hamzeie

PhD in Physical Oceanography 


Director of Bushehr Research Station

Dr. Mayam Ghaemi

PhD in Analytical Chemistry 


Director of Nowshahr Research Station 

Dr. Ahmad Mnabohi

PhD in Analytical Chemistry


Director of Chabahar Research Station 

Dr. Amir Ghazilou

PhD in Biological Oceanography